IIS Services Overview

IIS helps organizations solve complex business challenges so they can meet their business objectives. We have built a team the focuses on sales organization that provides best-of-breed technologies from across the full spectrum of information technology, including IBM hardware, software, storage, and tape.

If you are looking for a partner (not a vendor), please give us a call for a realistic and down to earth approach for allowing your IT to run in the background, so you can focus on running your business.

IT Optimization

The new mandates call for going beyond reducing infrastructure costs through consolidation, standardization, and improved asset management.
IT exemplars are aspiring to transform their organizations into true service management functions by better aligning delivered services with business needs, while simultaneously increasing the productivity of infrastructure operations.
Achieving this goal requires more than simply optimizing the efficiency of technology silos and individual services — it requires an optimization approach that looks at the entire infrastructure with a business lens.

Server Consolidation

Server consolidation can help your business overcome the challenges of high costs and the complexity associated with server sprawl while giving you the flexibility to more rapidly adapt to changing business needs and workloads and support new technologies.
IIS can help you develop a consolidation strategy that can simplify your data center, reduce IT costs, and provide for a more flexible I/T and business environment.

Cloud and Remote Server Hosting

On-premise servers can be difficult and costly to maintain without a dedicated IT team.  IIS can tailor flexible options to serve as your secure and remote hosted solution provider.  Easily scalable plans to increase and decrease capacity (as needed) will provide you with the assurances to focus on your business, not the technology required to manage it.
IIS specializes in helping customer build disaster recovery and business continuity plans.  Leveraging our long-standing partnerships with IBM and Synscort allow us a multitude of hardware and software based solutions.  IIS is always considerate of your time (and budget). Reach out to us today for a discussion or for a current customer reference about our hosting options.

Systems Director

IBM Systems Director is the platform management foundation for achieving Smarter Systems. An integral component of IBM’s Smarter Systems portfolio, IBM Systems Director enables integration with Tivoli, and third party management platforms, providing the building block for virtualization and integrated services management.

IBM Systems Director provides systems management personnel with a single-point-of-control, helping reduce IT management complexity and cost. With IBM Systems Director IT personnel are able to optimize compute and network resources, quickly respond to business requirements with greater delivery flexibility, and attain higher levels of services management with streamlined management of – physical, virtual, storage and network resources.

Key IBM Systems Director capabilities include:

  • Simplified usability and reduced complexity – IBM Systems Director eliminates layers of management duplication through a single, unified, view of the total IT environment, reducing system management complexity, cost, and time to problem resolution, while improving visibility, availability, and service. IBM® Systems Director can help you dramatically reduce operational complexity and costs, significantly increase agility and efficiency, and optimize for maximum resource utilization.
  • Integration – with Tivoli, and third party management platforms, provides the foundation for virtualization and integrated services management. With an extensive suite of available platform management tasks, and automated tools, IBM Systems Director assists systems management personnel in increasing productivity, resulting in improved responsiveness and service.

IBM Systems Director platform management solutions can help your systems become smarter! By integrating management of your IT operations with your business processes, Systems Director can help you meet your business goals and objectives.

Power VM

Complexity can work its way into any IT infrastructure, driven by the rollout of new applications and unanticipated change. However, adding servers in response to each demand for new workloads drives the need for more datacenter space, power, cooling, network cabling, data storage and administrative resources. Such complexity leads to inefficiency. The answer is virtualization, which allows organizations to consolidate multiple operating systems and software stacks on a single platform.

PowerVM™ provides the industrial-strength virtualization solution for IBM Power Systems servers and blades. Based on more than a decade of evolution and innovation, PowerVM represents the state of the art in enterprise virtualization and is broadly deployed in production environments worldwide by most Power Systems owners.

The IBM Power Systems family of servers includes proven1 workload consolidation platforms that help clients control costs while improving overall performance, availability and energy efficiency. With these servers and IBM PowerVM virtualization solutions, an organization can consolidate large numbers of applications and servers, fully virtualize its system resources, and provide a more flexible, dynamic IT infrastructure. In other words, IBM Power Systems with PowerVM deliver the benefits of virtualization without limits.

PowerVM provides industrial-strength virtualization for AIX®, IBM i, and Linux® environments on IBM POWER® processor-based systems. IBM Power Systems servers integrated with PowerVM technology are designed to allow clients to build a dynamic infrastructure that will help them to reduce costs, manage risk and improve service levels.

PowerVM also offers a secure and resilient virtualization environment, built on the advanced RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) features, extreme scalability and leadership performance2 of the IBM Power Systems platform, based on the industry-leading POWER6® and POWER7® processors.

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